At Ilia Mare Hotel, safety and hygiene are our top priorities. Together, we are taking responsible steps to stop the spread of COVID-19 in order to protect our customers, our human resources and at the same time continue to offer, as always, a unique stay experience.

To improve the existing health and safety procedures of our company, we created the Healthy Together program in order to provide safe living and guidance conditions against the COVID-19 virus.

Healthy Together contains training procedures for our employees to take care of our guests and themselves, with confidence and comfort, while at the same time making you feel at home.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to hosting you at Ilia Mare Hotel.


The basic principle and commitment of the Management of «AFOI KONSTANTINOU OE» and the principle of its employees, is to provide our customers with services of high quality standards that fully cover our obligations, to comply with all applicable laws and regulations requirements and at the same time to protect public health and safety.

In this context, as «AFOI KONSTANTINOU OE.» We have developed and implemented specific Procedures and Action Plans, which are constantly updated in accordance with the current epidemiological data and in compliance with current Health Protocols.


1. We have developed a Preventive Action Plan and individual protocols for each section of the establishment, as well as a special Management Plan for a possible suspected case, following faithfully the respective National Public Health Organization (NPHO) Treatment Plan.
2. We have appointed a Coordinating Officer and Heads of Departments for the above management.
3. We have a collaboration with an experienced doctor, who acts according to the instructions of NPHO.
4. We work with an accredited microbiological laboratory that is ready and able to perform the necessary molecular testing (PCR) to detect COVID-19 with the most reliable results within 24 hours.
5. We wait and prepare continuously for the specialized certification of Hellenic Chamber of Hotels (HCH).
6. We have drawn up a training plan for all our staff regarding the observance of health protocols.
7. We provide all the necessary resources, human and material, for the smooth, uninterrupted and efficient implementation of the protocols.
8. We have renewed and intensified the implemented Cleaning and Disinfection programs based on risk assessments per department.
9. We ensure a technologically appropriate and safe working environment for the company’s staff, meeting the requirements of applicable law.
10. We confirm that each member of our staff strictly adheres to the rules of hygiene and the basic protection measures against COVID-19.
The aim of all the above is to ensure the health of our customers, assuring that our initiatives ensure the unique experience of staying at the «Ilia Mare Hotel».

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